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Will You Marry Me Proposal Bag Lantern

Will You Marry Me Proposal Bag Lantern

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Pop the question with Custom Proposal Luminaries.

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Sold as shown "WILL YOU MARRY ME?"
Luminaries measuring 5.25"W x 3.25"D x 9 3/4"H.
Luminaries are White only.

*Does not include LED Lights or Candle.

Ships within 24 hours of order being placed.

Setup Instructions:
Open bags carefully making sure not to tear the laser cut design.
Place opened bag on the ground and fill bottom with sand, pebbles or small rocks.
Place an LED light or a candle with a base in the center and turn on.

As with all candles and lantern products, please exercise caution with open flames and fire.
Do not burn unattended. LED lights are highly recommended over open flame candles.
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